Visit to the Museu de Futebol, Municipal Market, Have lunch at Jardineira Grill

Miss Universe 2011 updates: Check out the photos of Miss Universe 2011 contestants in their visit to the Museu de Futebol, shopping at the Municipal Market, and having lunch at Jardineira Grill.
Visit to the Museu de Futebol: The contestants paid a visit to the Museu de Futebol (Football Museum) in Sao Paulo, where all the history of Brazil as a soccer powerhouse is showcased.

Shopping at Municipal Market: On Wednesday, MU 2011 Contestants víited the famous Mercado Municipal de São Paulo, also known as “Mercadão”, in Downtown São Paulo. The market is an impressive building in the neoclassical style, measuring overs 22 thousand square meters in area, tastefully outfitted and boasting a collection of beautiful stained glass windows.

Having lunch at Jardineira Grill: MU 2011 contestants had lunch at the popular Jardineira Grill “churrascaria” (steak house) in Sao Paulo. There has been no “churrasco eating contest” as rumored.

Fabio Setimio/Fotoarena, Global Beauties.

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