Stephanie Tency Crowned Miss Universe Nederland 2013

Miss Universe Netherlands 2013 Crowned!
Stephanie Tency, Miss Noord-Holland, was crowned Miss Universe Nederland 2013 at the end of the Miss Nederland 2012 beauty pageant held in Amsterdam on Monday night of December 10, 2012. She will represent Netherlands in the Miss Universe 2013 beauty pageant.

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Stephanie Tency Miss Universe Nederland 2013

Stephanie Tency Crowned Miss Universe Nederland 2013

Stephanie was crowned Miss Noord-Holland on June 3rd, 2012 at JT Cinema Heerhugowaard. The 21 year old beauty from Amsterdam stands 1.73 m. With the tittle, she represented her province during the final of Miss Netherlands 2012.

Stephanie Tency Miss Universe Nederland 2013

Stephanie (R) will represent Netherlands in the Miss Universe 2013 beauty pageant.

Miss Universe Nederland 2013 Stephanie Tency in swimsuit.

Miss Universe Nederland 2013 Stephanie Tency in swimsuit.

Stephanie Tency Crowned Miss Universe Nederland 2013

Stephanie Tency (R) after being crowned Miss Universe Nederland 2013

Stephanie Tency profile:
Age: 21
Home town: Amsterdam
Study: Akademie Vogue, fashion styling Media
Occupation: Own company ‘My personal trend shopper’
Hobbies: Wakeboarding and surfing

I’m Stephanie Tency (actually my real name Apcar, an Armenian surname). But I often use the surname of my mother. Besides that I am American and Armenian. I also have German and Indonesian in my blood, I call myself a real mongrel whatsoever.

Although everyone thinks I’m Dutch, I’m really proud that I have many nationalities, in the Netherlands, we live in a multicultural society where people treat each other with respect. Together with my friend, I live in the heart of Amsterdam. We have a wakeboard boat purchased last year and since then we wakeboarding every week …. Yes, even if it is so cold in our little country 😉

A man has dreams in order to make life alive, my life there is also full of them. After every dream come true follows there is a new (unfortunately do not all my dreams though!). I think it is for you therefore clear that my next dream is to be Miss Netherlands.

Besides that I have my own company ‘My personal trend shopper”. I also do modeling and I study yet. I always have trouble with my height, I’ve never been the longest (ie I am 1.73cm), but what I have achieved so far, I am very proud of myself. I’m the face of Aqua Bendita Benelux and work mainly in the bikini and lingerie industry at home and abroad. I am proud to say that I also on 2 covers of 2 different magazines stand! If you’re 21 is of course the best job you can have, weekend in Paris, weekend in Brussels … But sometimes it’s pretty difficult to be booked, you go to a lot of castings and is often rejected than that you selected, the art is: MAINTAIN, DO NOT GIVE UP!

If you know you have it in you then you really do not give up, there will always be people who see something special in you. Now I am become Miss England I want young girls to realize that if you’re smaller than are average or slightly feminine formed are thinner than the usual standard models, you then really come as long as you continue and even shows! I do not have anything for several times the Fashion Week walked between the long pine (as I call it: P), but if you show that you have it in you, you’re the new Kate Moss!

” Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires Faith and Belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for Those Who Believe”

It may sound corny but I really am a nature lover, I can spend hours cycling through the Veluwe, the beautiful wild animals behold. I’m really an animal lover, when I was little, I always said to my mother: Mom … Later when I’m rich I want to own dogs start organization and all the dogs that are going to help the poor in the world. I’ll be honest, I still have that dream.
I also like a lot of traveling, I’ve been one time with a beauty pageant been abroad: Miss World’s Next Top Model. Furthermore, I travel a lot for my modeling work and also with my friend. We want over 5 years all over the world go sailing. It is clear that I love adventure and not a normal holiday in the sun.

Miss is of course not only important that you feel it, you should really have personality. They have it in the ‘miss world’ whatsoever about the 3 B’s: Beauty, Brains and Business. Brains is of course obvious, besides that you have a good head, you really have something to say, you’re finally ambassador of your province and perhaps soon in your country!

The business lies more in supporting charities and that’s something I would strongly engage. Now I have this title, I can now much more in depth. I am also become ambassador of the foundation Energy4All, children with metabolic energy. In addition, I put myself in for Foundation for Muscles Muscles, children with muscle disease. I have also done a lot for such Kika and Stop Child Abuse. I’m with Nathalie Den Dekker (Netherlands Miss World 2012) ran for Stop Child Abuse and raised money. I study and work a lot, but I always missed something … I feel useful in society. I really feel that I have satisfaction because I can do something good for the world. I am therefore delighted to have this opportunity now that I’ve got the title: Miss England 2012 possession.

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