Sara El-Khouly Confirmed to compete in Miss Universe 2011

Sara El-Khouly, Miss Egypt Universe 2011, recently stepped down for personal reasons. However, she changed her mind and will compete again in Miss Universe 2011. Below is the message on Sara El-Khouly’s facebook:
>> Sara El-Khouly Crowned Miss Egypt Universe 2011

Dear all, a week ago, I stepped down as Miss Egypt Universe which meant I wasn’t going to go to MU for personal reasons. However thanks to the wonderful Miss Egypt Org and my friends support, I am back in the game and will be fulfilling my duties as Miss Egypt Universe 2011. Sorry if I have let anyone down, sometimes we go through ups and downs in life, but we shouldn’t let that blur our vision or get in the way of greater things in life. Much love, Sara.

Courtesy of Miss Egypt

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