Reine Ngotala Crowned Miss Gabon 2015

18-year-old Reine Ngotala was crowned the title of Miss Gabon 2015 at the conclusion of the national pageant held at Hotel Résidence Nomad in Libreville on April 26th, 2015. She will represent Gabon in the upcoming Miss Universe 2015 pageant and probable Miss World 2015 pageant.
Reine is a economic student at l’Institut Supérieur d’Ingénierie in Libreville.

Reine Ngotala - Miss Gabon 2015

Reine Ngotala wins Miss Gabon 2015 title and will compete in the Miss Universe 2015 and Miss World 2015 pageants.

Miss Gabon 2015 - Reine Ngotala

Reine Ngotala being crowned Miss Gabon 2015 by the out-going queen Miss Gabon 2014 Maggal Nguema.

The first runner-up was Anis Christine Pitty Yaya and the second runner-up was Desy Oyane.

Miss Gabon 2015 final results:
Miss Gabon 2015: 9. Nyanga (Reine Ngotala)
1st runner-up: 3. Haut-Ogooué (Anis Christine Pitty Yaya)
2nd runner-up: 14. Koulamoutou (Desy Oyane)
3rd runner-up: 17. Woleu-Ntem (Ornella Obone)
4th runner-up: 11. Ogooué-Ivindo (Sindiély Obone)
5th runner-up: 18. Oyem (Adama Oumarou)

(TOP 6)
3. Haut-Ogooué (Anis Christine Pitty Yaya)
14. Koulamoutou (Desy Oyane)
18. Oyem (Adama Oumarou)
9. Nyanga (Reine Ngotala)
17. Woleu-Ntem (Ornella Obone)
11. Ogooué-Ivindo (Sindiély Obone)

TOP 12
3. Haut-Ogooué (Anis Christine Pitty Yaya)
5. Moyen-Ogooué (Okome Zi-Mérila)
7. Ngounié (Noëlle Doufilou)
9. Nyanga (Reine Ngotala)
6. Lambaréné (Yasmine Manime)
14. Koulamoutou (Desy Oyane)
15. Ogooué-Maritime (Odette Minko)
18. Woleu-Ntem (Ornella Obone)
17. Port-Gentil (Esther Madama)
16. Oyem (Adama Oumarou)
11. Ogooué-Ivindo (Sindiély Obone)
13. Ogooué-Lolo (Christelle Boukila)

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