Plastic surgery subject dominates Miss Universe 2011 Media Interviews

Miss Universe 2011 contestants attended the media interview section held at the Hilton Sao Paulo on Tuesday. Plastic surgery was the main topic and the most asked question by journalists was, “Have you had any cosmetic surgery to participate in the pageant?”.

Plastic surgery subject dominates Miss Universe 2011 Media Interviews

Plastic surgery subject dominates Miss Universe 2011 Media Interviews

After saying that “Brazilians are very friendly and that she had had some intense preparation to participate in Miss Universe, Miss Curaçao did not want to answer if she’s gone through cosmetic surgery. “It’s my little secret”, she stated.

Miss Argentina mentioned that she had a breast implant years before knowing she was going to compete in a beauty pageant. The same talk was shared by Miss Venezuela. Vanessa Gonçalves, today 25, said she had her breast size enhanced when she was 19, and after that, has never gone through plastic surgery again in her life.

Miss France explained that in her country plastic surgeries are not allowed among girls who participate in the French national pageant. “In France, natural beauty is appreciated. I am 100% real!”, she said with sense of humor.
Scherri-lee Biggs, Miss Australia, 21, commented: “Everything is also natural here. I am too young to have a plastic surgery”. The Australian stunner also mentioned she loves the Brazilian bikinis.

About preparing for the pageant, most delegates said they had English classes and learned how to behave in front of the judges.

Miss China, for instance, took all kinds of classes, including intensive English, in the United States. Miss Costa Rica, went even further: she studied Portuguese for two months, and has been able to communicate really well with Brazilians in the local language.

Miss Philippines took Portuguese and samba classes before traveling to Brazil, and when asked if she could say a few words, she answered: “Um pouco”, which means, “a little”.

Miss Angola, Leila Lopes, visited Brazil 5 times in her process of preparation. She said Brazil as a lot of influence on the Angolan culture nowadays, and that she is a big fan of the Brazilian soap operas.

Miss Colombia told journalists she is impressed with how big and great São Paulo is: “I fell like being at home”. Catalina Robayo also did not hesitate in saying that she believes she should be the winner: “Of all 89 candidates, I am the most complete one”.

Guilherme Lara Campos/ Fotoarena, Global Beauties.

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