Nipples Distance Requirement Sparks Criticism at Chinese University Beauty Pageant

To be eligible for the Chinese university beauty pageant, contestants’ nipples must be at least 7.8 inches apart. This requirement immediately sparked criticism when it was announced on Friday.
“How can beauty standards include breast distance? Do they take women as toys?” Judging women by such rigid criteria is so ‘out’!”, Yang Lan, a TV personality criticized the decision on her blog.
A member of Weibo, China’s version of Twitter, wrote, “Why more than 20 centimetres? I honestly don’t know who came up with these figures!”

According to a contest staff member, quoted by the Global Times, organisers had conducted research on the Internet to determine the criteria. They also drew from traditional Chinese and modern Western standards of beauty. In addition to traditional measurements like chest, waist and hips, the space between candidates’ pupils should be 46 percent of the distance between their pupil and their ear.
“These beauty contests are absurd,” said another Weibo user. “On what basis do these so-called judges use their own standards to measure beauty?”

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