Nicklas Pedersen from Denmark wins Mr. World 2014

Nicklas Pedersen, the reigning Mr. World Denmark 2014, was announced the winner of the Mr. World 2014 competition held on June 15th, 2014 in Torbay, England.

Nicklas Pedersen - Mr. World 2014 - Denmark

Nicklas Pedersen from Denmark wins Mr. World 2014 competition under the theme “The search for the World’s Most Desirable Man!” held in Torbay, United Kingdom on June 15th, 2014.

Mr Nigeria Emmanuel Ikubese finishes as the first runner-up which is the biggest surprise of this year´s pageant. Mr. Mexico Jose Pablo Minor, the number 1 favorite, finishes as the second runner-up.

In the Q&A, the three finalists were asked the same question: “Why should you be Mr World?”. Here is the answer:

Mr. Mexico Jose Pablo Minor: “I wanna make a positive change in Mother Earth because we have to respect and take care of our planet because it is our home. I have the flag of Mexico in my back, and I would really want to have the flag of the world in my back. I would represent it very proudly and honored.”

Mr Nigeria Emmanuel Ikubese: “I think Mr World is not the search for the most desirable man but the search for a man with desire to help others and to inspire people. It is also somebody who had the desire to make an impact to the world and society. Being Mr World will be another step close for me in achieving my dreams. And to be a dream come true to me.”

Mr.Denmark Nicklas Pedersen: “I want to make a difference around the world for those who aren’t as lucky as us right here. I would like to take part in humanitarian missions, and difference and most important of all, my dad died when I was 2 years old from cancer. So, something I would like to do is help charity raise money. I believe the more money we gather…I think we will find a cure and more people will live and we can save more lives.”

The Top 10 were completed with representatives of Netherlands, Curacao, Ukraine, Moldova, England, Puerto Rico, and India.

The event was hosted by reigning Miss World Megan Young and former Mr World Canada Frankie Cena.

Mr World 2014 was judged by Julia Morley, Musical Director Mike Dixon, Choreographer & Stage Director Donna Derby, Hair, Make-Up and Stylist expert Andrew Minarik, reigning Mr World Francisco Escobar, Miss World 1981 Pilín León and Miss World Oceania Erin Holland.

Mr. World 2014 Top 10:
– CURACAO – Zuemerik Clementino Richard VEERIS
– INDIA – Prateek JAIN
– MOLDOVA – Valeriu GUTU
– NIGERIA – Emmanuel Ifeanyi IKUBESE

Mr. World 2014 Fast Track Challenges:
Individual winners of these fast track challenges automatically earns them a spot in the Top 10.
– Extreme Challenge: Moldova – Valeriu GUTU
– Multimedia: Netherlands – Demian OVERDUIJN
– Talent: Curacao – Zuemerik Clementino Richard VEERIS
– Sports Challenge: Denmark – Nicklas PEDERSEN
– Mr. World Team Champions – Blue Team
– Fashion Style:Nigeria – Emmanuel Ifeanyi IKUBESE

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