Nazira Nurzhanova to represent Kyrgyzstan in Miss World 2011

Miss World Kyrgyzstan 2011 Nazira Nurzhanova will represent Kyrgyzstan in Miss World 2011, despite being originally barred from competing internationally.
>>> Nazira Nurzhanova Crowned Miss Kyrgyzstan 2011

It was reported that on the finale held at the National Opera and Ballet Theatre in Bishkek on on March 12, 2011, Nazira Nurzhanova didnot wait for the sponsors to come on stage to present the prizes, and instead leapt up to present them themselves. The sponsors, left fuming awkwardly at the side of the stage, responded by withdrawing from the competition, and cancelling the certificates.
The incident caused the event’s organiser to announced, “Because of several infringements, the representative of Miss World in Kyrgyzstan are not ready to send the winner on the international competition.” However, Nazira Nurzhanova was allowed to represent Kyrgyzstan in Miss World 2011 at last. Kyrgyzstan is one of the debuting nations in the international pageant. You can revisit the Miss Kyrgyzstan 2011 results here!
Nazira Nurzhanova Miss World 2011

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