Miss Universe 2010 Contestants Arrival

Lady Fernanda Mina arrives in Vegas Miss Universe China 2010 Wen Tang Miss T&T, Peru, Curacao & Nicaragua in Las Vegas Eva Arias arrived in Las Vegas Malika Ménard Miss France 2010 at the airport Irina Antonenko Miss Russia 2010 departure Anna Poslavska Miss Ukraine Universe 2010 Scharllette Allen Miss Nicaragua Universe 2010 Maria Nowakowska […]

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  1. Zivanna Letisha. S says:

    Qory sandioriva is a true winner in the 2010 Miss Universe pageant this year, Miss Indonesia Universe is one contestant who has the charisma and charm insightful above average …. sexy, smart, insightful, rich in culture, … .’s Miss Indonesia Universe

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