Miss Russia 2014: Anna Lyashko Wins Miss Sport Contest

Miss Sport is 23-year-old Anna Lyashko from Kaliningrad, with 3,217 votes. Anna receives 90,000 rubles and a personalized card from Russian Standard Bank with her own individual design, as well as the chance to participate in the final casting for Miss Russia 2014. Anna also receives a surprise gift from Miss Russia’s fitness partner, Palestra Sport.

Anna Lyashko - Miss Sport Winner

Anna Lyashko is the winner of Miss Sport Winner Contest

Diana Borisova from Ulyanovsk takes second place, with 3,151 votes. Alyona Tikhonova, from Moscow, places third with 3,071 votes. Diana and Alyona receive 60,000 and 30,000 rubles, respectively, as well as Russian Standard Bank cards with their individual designs.

Diana Borisova - Miss Sport First runner-up

Diana Borisova is the first runner-up of Miss Sport Contest.

Alyona Tikhonova - Miss Sport 2nd Runner-up

Alyona Tikhonova is the second runner-up of Miss Sport Contest.

A special Jury’s Choice award for this round was presented to 21-years-old Svetlana Kislicyna from Novosibirsk. Svetlana receives 15,000 rubles as a prize from Russian Standard Bank.

Svetlana Kislicyna - Jury's Choice

Svetlana Kislicyna wins Jury’s Choice Award of Miss Sport Contest

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