Miss Gabon 2013

The finale of Miss Gabon 2013 beauty pageant will be held on December 22, 2012 in the city of Democracy, in Libreville, announced Challenges of Women, the organization responsible for event. Eighteen beauties representing the 9 provinces of Gabon will be vying for the tittle. The winner will represent Gabon in the Miss Universe 2013 and Miss World 2013. The first runner-up will go to Miss International 2013 and the second runner-up will go to Miss Supranational 2013.

>>> Jennifer Ondo Crowned Miss Gabon 2013

Photo: A Miss Gabon 2013 Contestants.

Miss Gabon 2013 contestants:
Here are the names of the nine provincial pageant and their runners-up: Léoncie Bilombi Ntoutoume Ornela and Rita Maingoua Andeme (Estuary), Ruth and Jennifer Ondo Mouchita Yolene Vanessa Djouassa Lemani (High Ogooué) Brunilla Novela Ekoumbi Moussadingou and Eugenie Gnangou Nzamba (Middle Ogooué), Alida Bitsafi Meyo and Vanessa MBINA (Ngounié), Reilly and Alicia Darniche Mboumba Makaya Vanessa Koumba (Nyanga), Murielle Robins Mickoto Mvou and Roselie Jessicka Demoussa Massibi (Ogooué-Ivindo) Filiane Lutricia Mayombo Koundi Ophelia and Anastasie MENGUE M ‘ Ondo (Ogooué-Lolo), Hope Merlia Bouanga Eaden and Claudia Akoumou Ondo (Ogooué-Maritime), Hilary Marcy Ondo Obiang and Doriane Ntsame Aurore (Woleu-Ntem).

The provincial winners received many prizes from the organizing committee, among other mobile phones, tablets and checks amounting to 500,000 CFA francs (760 euros) for the winners and 200 000 (300 euros) for their runners-up.

To see the pictures of Miss Gabon 2013 contestants, click on the following links:

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