Miss Earth Canada Ashlea Moor as “Forest Warriors”

Check out the photos of Miss Earth Canada Ashlea Moor in Official Miss Earth Glamazon Photoshoot for Miss Earth – “Forest Warriors”. Taken at Edworthy Park and the Douglas Fir Trail One of Calgary’s finest natural gems, Edworthy Park is a treasure. Encompassing 128 hectares (70 acres) of natural parkland within the city, Edworthy is fascinating historically and environmentally. In the past, the area was used as a bison kill site, tipi camp, commercial garden, brick factory and sandstone quarry. Today, the park is mainly used by family picnickers (there’s park and barbeque area), cyclists and rollerbladers (on the extensive concrete trail), and hikers (on trails that stretch throughout the woodland). The Douglas Fir Trail leads through a woodland of fir trees, some older than 400 years. Other indigenous flora includes native grassland, shrubland, mixed coniferous forest and sedge wetland.

Special thanks to Ashlea Moor. All Thanks to a great team or people: Ian Chambers for putting together the perfect outfit, Joanna Kemp for creating the look with incredible makeup and hair design, Al Del Degan for capturing it all on Camera, and Lisa Harrigan for organizing the project.

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