Micaela Orsi of Uruguay Withdraws from Miss Universe 2013 Due to Financial Problems

Micaela Orsi, the reigning Miss Universe Uruguay 2013, announced her withdraw from the upcoming Miss Universe 2013 on on the Miss Uruguay Facebook page on October 19. In the letter that was later sent sent to the media in Uruguay, she explained that she decided to quit the competition due to the lack of support from her national director, lack of planning and guidance and no sponsoring for wardrobe or other items for her preparation.

Micaela Orsi Miss Uruguay Universe 2013

Micaela Orsi of Uruguay Withdraws from Miss Universe 2013 Due to Financial Problems

This year, Uruguay has been absent in both Miss World and Miss Universe pageants. Two months ago, Miss World Uruguay Mercedes Bissio withdrew from Miss World 2013 citing personal reasons. However, there has been rumors that Bissio had a falling out with the organizers.

Micaela Orsi Miss Universe Uruguay 2013 MUO Office

Miss Universe Uruguay 2013 Micaela Orsi was seen at MUO Office in New York.

Earlier, Micaela was seen at the MUO office in New York instead of boarding the plane for Moscow. Her profile photo has also been taken down from the official Miss Universe website. Here is the translation into English from the original Spanish version by Rafa Delfin:

In today’s date and through this medium, I want to make public my non-participation in the Miss Universe beauty pageant to be held on 9 November in Moscow, Russia. In February of this year, I was elected Miss Universe Uruguay in order to represent my country in the most important pageant and to fulfill a personal dream. I was coerced to sign a contract of employment in which Mr. Antonio Vergara yields the Miss Universe franchise to Mr. Alejandro Gamella after my coronation. Not being too familiar with the legalities, I signed the contract just like the other contestants did. But when I consulted with lawyers and with experts on the matter, as well as with the Miss Universe Organization, I learned that the contract does not have any validity, since there is a history that franchises are not transferred to third parties. I started my preparation during the month of April in Corozal, Sucre, Colombia staying at the home of the director of Miss Universo Uruguay, Antonio Vergara. The type of accommodation that was provided to me was not consistent with the level of the event that I was expecting. In the month of June I returned to Uruguay to see my family. On my return to Colombia on September 19 in the company of my mom, I was presented with certain proposals that bothered me and that went against the values that my family instilled in me. As days went by, there was no sign of wardrobe, national costume, evening gown, or airline tickets for my trip to Russia.

On October 8, we had a conversation to discuss the situation at hand, since time was running out fast. There were only 10 days to travel. After this talk my mother and I decided to return to Uruguay, and consequently to withdraw my participation from the contest. I want to make clear that the reasons mentioned above were the reasons for a deep disappointment that ruined my dreams about this experience. My commitment with Uruguay was to represent my country in a dignified manner at the Miss Universe contest. Given that the conditions were not appropriate to do so, I gave up this opportunity that had been presented to me.

I regret very much to have disappointed a lot of people who have supported me during this time, but I could not fail myself going to a contest in unfavorable conditions. Not having obtained the financial support that I needed from the beginning, I thus made this decision that I am communicating now.

Thanks again for all your support
Micaela Orsi.

This is the screenshot of her letter:

Micaela Orsi Miss Uruguay Universe 2013 Letter

This is the letter Micaela posted on the Miss Uruguay Facebook page on October 19, announcing her withdraw.

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