Meet Miss Universe Malaysia 2014 Hopefuls

Update: the Miss Universe Malaysia Organization issued a press release today, explaining why there are only 19 finalists instead of 21 as announced earlier.

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After several days of orientation upon moving in at Duta Villa @ Setia Alam, the names and profiles of the top 21 finalists to contend for the next Miss Universe Malaysia 2014 were announced today.

However, the prospect of another three weeks of extensive training at SP Setia Berhad’s township development and pre-crowning challenges to the final proved a little to much for two individuals who decided to opt-out early.

Thank you Miss Universe Malaysia Organization for the official press release. I hope this clears things up!

According to the Miss Universe Malaysia Organization, the press conference to introduce the top 19 finalists of the next Miss Universe Malaysia 2014 was held on August 20th, 2013 at Duta Villa, Setia Alam. They will be vying for the title of Miss Universe Malaysia 2014 at the finale of the pageant to be held at the Setia Alam Convention Centre in December.

The reigning Miss Universe Malaysia Carey Ng will crown her successor at the conclusion of the event. The winner will represent Malaysia in the Miss Universe 2014 pageant.

However, from now on to that finale, they have to undergo Beauty Camp under the supervision and mentoring of Miss Universe Malaysia 2003 Carey Ng, and our newly appointed pageant advisor and mentor, Elaine Daly.

The finalists were selected after several stages of selection from earlier applications by 3,500 applicants from throughout the country. The list was then shortlisted to 100, then 40 and finally 21 beauties.

Although it was announced by the Miss Universe Malaysia Organisation that the list consists of 21 finalists. We could only find 19 names. There are also 19 contestants in the photos, too. We’ll update the full list soon. Stay tuned.

The finalists were Cheryll Ho, Cynthia Chan, Denise Th’ng, Elaine Wong, Foong Tsin, Hema Gayathiry, Jean Lim, Kausalya Ida, Karina Grewal, Kim Goh, Lalitha Monisha, Livonia Ricky, Lyn Lim, Nicole Aldeth, Patricia Lee, Ramona K. , Sabrina Beneett, Shangkharee Nadarajan and Vivian C.

Miss Universe Malaysia 2014 Hopefuls

Miss Universe Malaysia 2014 Hopefuls

The list of finalists with age: Chryll Ho, 20 ; Cynthia Chan, 24; Denise Th’ng, 19; Elaine Wong, 22; Foong Tsin, 25; Hema Gayathiry, 23; Jean Lim, 23; Karina Grewal, 25; Kausalya Ida, 25; Kim Goh, 23; Lalitha Monisha, 21; Livonia Ricky, 22; Lyn Lim, 24; Nicole Aldeth, 22; Patricia Lee, 24; Ramona K, 23; Sabrina Beneett, 23; Shangkaree Nadarajan, 18, and Vivian C, 23.

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