Meet Bellezas Panamá 2013 Hopefuls

The grand finals of Bellezas Panamá 2013 (Panama’s Beauties 2013) will be held on Friday, August 9, 2013 at the Centennial Hall of the Panama Hotel. 10 beauty from all walks of Panama will be vying for the titles. At the conclusion of the event, the new Miss Earth Panama 2013 and Miss International Panama 2013 will be crowned. They will represent Panama in the respective international beauty pageants.

>>> Johanna Batista Crowned Miss Earth Panama 2013

The 10 Bellezas Panamá 2013 Finalists

The 10 Bellezas Panamá 2013 Finalists

Bellezas Panamá 2013 is produced by “Tania Hyman’s Models and Talents”. The aim of the pageant is to promote not only culture and social sensitivity but also “Preserving the planet of hand beauty” as its slogan.

With the participation of the National Folk Dance Company, the focus of this year’s competition is the management of water resources and environmental issue and the fight against domestic violence as a social issue.

Within the framework of the Grand Final, there will be a parade presenting Federico ecological Visuetti designs, Annie and Moses Sandoya Chajin plus the latest collection of Oakley glasses and beautiful gowns of Cathy Gift Boutique.

Meet the 10 Bellezas Panamá 2013 finalists:

1. Bibi Urriola, 18
2. Lesbia Lobo, 21
3. Estefanía Mora, 22
4. Johanna Batista, 20
5. Katherine Herrera, 22
6. Alba Ríos, 21
7. Julianne Canto, 20
8. Walkiria Córdoba, 21
9. Patsy Gutiérrez, 22
10. Betzy Madrid, 19

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