Lauren Kuhn crowned Miss Massachusetts 2014

Lauren Kuhn gave up her title of Miss Collegiate Area to become the 75th Miss Massachusetts when she was crowned at the Hanover Theater in Worcester on June 29.

Kuhn was tops in a field of 21 very well-rounded young women from across the Bay State, and performed a piano solo as her talent.

“I’m just so excited. This is really surreal for me,” Kuhn said, shortly after her crowning, adding that she tried to remain “neutral” during the competition, which included preliminaries on Friday and the Sunday finals.

“I knew that if I was nervous that I would not do as well as I could,” she said. “I don’t think I’d be as genuine if I was nervous, but I didn’t want to be too confident either, because that’s not good.”

Kuhn said she’s excited about competing in Atlantic City in September for the title of Miss America, because it is something that has been so special for so long.

“Miss America has been going on for more than 90 years. To be part of that tradition and represent the commonwealth is really exciting,” she said.

Kuhn is a student at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine and her platform is “The Opportunity of Education: Encouraging Today’s Young Women.” She said she secretly wishes to become a professional ballerina, or perhaps a dean of a dental school, and her hobbies include skiing, golfing and traveling, and trying unique cuisines. She has once tried eating a caterpillar while visiting Zambia.

On a more-normal food note, while her profile in the Miss Massachusetts program book said she often likes to eat large amounts of frozen yogurt, Kuhn said her after-pageant snack could be almost anything.

“I’m not really picky — maybe some mozzarella sticks,” she said.

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