Karah Walters Crowned the Grand Supreme National Winner of America’s Majestic Miss 2014

The 2nd annual America’s Majestic Miss Scholarship Pageant was held in October in Atlanta, GA to crown the new 2013-14 National Queens. National Delegates from around the U.S. gathered to vie for the 8 titles. Baby Miss-0-3, Junior Princess 4-6, Princess 7-9, Preteen 10-12, Junior Teen 13-15, Teen 16-18 and Miss 19 and up. There is also a coveted Grand Supreme title for the contestant who has the highest score in the entire pageant.

America’s Majestic Miss 2014

The 8 titles of America’s Majestic Miss 2014 have been crowned. Karah Walters (C) was crowned Grand Supreme National winner for her highest score.

America’s Majestic Miss is designed to help young girls and women showcase their talents and skills while developing their confidence and poise as they represent their states. This pageant system celebrates the individuality of young women today while giving each contestant and their families’ memories of a lifetime. We promote and encourage each contestant’s success through the development of skills we believe are most important to possess in our competitive world today: confidence, communication skills, character, and leadership qualities.
America’s Majestic Miss is a national pageant program that combines beauty and the excitement of a national pageant while recognizing personal achievements, academic excellence, and community service. Our program is designed to reward girls and young women for their accomplishments, and to develop them to reach their full potential and lifetime goals by providing personal and professional opportunities. In addition to the scholarships, the national winners receive a great prize package, appearance opportunities and much more. We are a natural pageant with a touch of glamour.
After registration the girls attended the AMM costume party where they wore their favorite costume and brought their favorite bear/doll also dressed. The contestants enjoyed refreshments which included the AMM castle cake with a replica of each of the reigning national queens replicated with their own queen cakes. This was quite a hit with the girls and everyone had queen cake pops. Best costumes were awarded a special Halloween “spook-tak-ular” crown and banner as well as the best dressed dolls/bears. The AMM magic mirror was available for photo ops and each girl enjoyed making new friends, exchanging gifts and making lasting memories. Each contestant brought a new stuffed animal which will be the new national queens’ first appearance to donate the animals to Egelston’s Children’s Hospital.
Interviews were held early Saturday morning with each contestant giving their personal introduction and spending 3 minutes with each judge in a round robin panel.
Optionals were held Saturday afternoon while the contestants participated in Talent, Speech, Commercial, Photogenic, Supermodel, Portfolio, Casual wear and Outfit of choice.
Contestants are judged in 3 different areas of competition: evening wear, introduction/ interview and Majestic wear which determine the national winners in each age division. Contestants also have the opportunity to compete in many of our optional competitions including talent, supermodel, photogenic, portfolio, commercial, speech, casual wear, and outfit of choice.
Interviews were conducted by the judges where each girl lets the judges know who they are, showcase their personalities along with why they are the best candidate for the National title. Our national queens must be able to serve as the national spokespeople for our system and must be confident, articulate, and project a positive upbeat personality.
Majestic wear allows each contestant to showcase their personality and sense of style. They are encouraged to wear an outfit which makes them feel Majestic. From casual to chic to whimsical and fun, each contestant was worthy of the best fashion show while creativity abounded.
Evening wear in its entire splendor allowed each girl to model their choice of evening gowns to highlight their beauty, confidence, overall appearance and individuality.
The reigning inaugural national queens were presented many gifts throughout the weekend and modeled all events for the contestants. They graced the stage with their national sister queens and individually while completing their final farewells. Inaugural queens are Baby Miss-Maddie Rae Rivers, Junior Princess- Kalin Moultrie, Princess- Cailee Calabrese, Preteen- Hannah Dyer, Junior Teen- Bryanna Cool, Teen- Anna Barnes and Grand Supreme Queen-Mikaela Langley. Hannah Dyer- AMM National Preteen was presented with a gold medal from the President’s Volunteer Service awards program from Director- Savannah Bradford.
After a fun and impressive opening number with the contestants dressed in their turquoise AMM national bling t-shirts and white pants, the announcement of the finalists and new national queens began. The National Sweetheart was crowned Grace Shugart for selling the most ads in the program and making the most appearances as a state queen.
The optional winners were presented with a cash award and a silver engraved plate. The winners of these events were:
Photogenic- Baby Miss-Jordyn Knowles, Junior Princess- Carter Wright, Princess-Maddi Grace Simpson, Preteen- Julieanna Jackson, Junior Teen- Ally Weyant, and Teen- Kacey Reid.
Supermodel Winners- Junior Princess-Olivia Jones, Princess- Maddi Grace Simpson, Preteen- Julieanna Jackson, Junior Teen- Ally Weyant, and Teen- Casey Reid.
Talent winners- Princess- Jessica Acord, Preteen- Rayven Bailey, and Junior Teen- Ally Weyant.
Portfolio Winners- Junior Princess-Carter Wright- Preteen- Julieanna Jackson, and Teen- Kacey Reid.
Commercial Winners- Preteen- Rayven Bailey.
Casual Wear- Junior Princess- Daylen Randall, Princess- Maddi Grace Simpson, Preteen- Avery Randall, Junior Teen- Logan Sanders, Teen- Kacey Reid, and Miss- Katlyn Moncrief.
Outfit of choice Winners- Princess- Grace Shugart and Teen- Victoria Phillips.
Speech Winner-Miss Danielle Tidwell
Cover Model Winners- Natalie Nordeen –National Cover Model and Ally Weyant National Cover Model. These girls were presented with life-size posters of their winning pictures.
The National Directors- Cindy and Savannah Bradford were called on stage and were presented a beautiful appreciation plaque and roses from the 2012 National Queens.
Beginning with the Baby Miss division 0-3, the runner-up finalist was Jordyn Knowles 1st runner up and our new AMM Baby Miss Queen- Ja’El Adcox.
In the Junior Princess Division- 2nd runner up-Carter Wright, 1st runner up Daylen Randall, and the new AMM Junior Princess- Olivia Jones. In the Princess Division -7-9 the 2nd runner up was Kaitlyn Cole, 1st runner-up was Grace Shugart and the new AMM Princess- Maddi Grace Simpson.
In the Preteen division 10-12, 2nd runner-up was Natalie Nordeen, 1st runner up was Julieanna Jackson, and the winner of the Preteen division was Rayven Bailey.
In the Junior Teen division 13-15, 4th runner up was Alyssa Scruggs, 3rd runner up was Logan Sanders, 2nd runner up was Mackensie Eckenfels, 1st runner up was Sarah Hoover and the winner of the National Junior Teen was Ally Weyant.
In the Teen Division 16-18, 2nd runner up was Victoria Phillips, 1st runner-up Casey Reid and Winner Niki Nourollahi was crowned as our National Teen Queen.
This year we added the new Miss division for girls 19-24 and 2nd runner-up was Danielle Tidwell, 1st runner up London Taylor, and the AMM Miss winner was Katlyn Moncrief. At the conclusion the Grand Supreme National winner Karah Walters was crowned. Once the show concluded the new 2013 America’s Majestic Miss National Queens took their crowning shots and immediately afterwards they experienced their first official photo shoot.
While America’s Majestic Miss is a newer star in the pageant world, it is a weekend filled with beauty, glamour, fashion and fun. We are excited about our growth and the opportunities for our 3rd America’s Majestic Miss National Pageant to be held in Atlanta, GA.

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