Bulgarian Nansi Karaboycheva Accused Miss World Organization of Votes Manipulation

Here is the post crowning latest update on the Miss World 2013: According to Miss World Bulgaria Nansi Karaboycheva, the voting result of the Miss World 2013 pageant was manipulated. All other voting results at the Miss World website and facebook were removed and only the votes through Miss World App were calculated to select the last leg of the top 6. And according to the Miss Bulgaria Organization, the Miss World Org must be fully accountable for this issue.

Miss World Bulgaria Nansi Karaboycheva speaking of Votes Manipulation during the Miss World 2013 pageant in Indonesia

Miss World Bulgaria Nansi Karaboycheva speaking of Votes Manipulation during the Miss World 2013 pageant in Indonesia

“After the final of Miss World 2013, quite a few Bulgarians were disappointed by the fact that our representative Nansi Karaboycheva could not even enter the top 20 most beautiful women on the planet. However, one of the pageant’s scandal is about to be exposed in the light. It turned out that the organizers of the pageant literally took away from Nancy the People’s Choice Award to give it to Miss Guatemala,” wrote an article in news7 website.

“According to the Nansi, the three parallel voting systems would be in operation (facebook, website and MWA), where pageant fans could choose their favorite. Until the last moment, our girl led the score board of all the three voting channels. It seems that the organizers of the contest could not bear the thought of a girl from Bulgaria to be adorned with the title of “favorite of the audience.” So they changed the regulation and declared that the vote of the websites will be disregarded. Instead, only votes submitted via smartphone, which costs 1.60 lev would be be taken into account. The People’s Choice Award finally went to Miss Gibraltar Maru Karbuch. The manipulation of votes was told by the most beautiful Bulgarian Nansi Karaboycheva,” concluded the article.

Earlier, in an article on standartnews.com, Nansi called Miss World “a political contest”. “I did not leave with the expectation that I could become Miss World. The geopolitical and economic reasons would not allow that. They proved that this is a political contest,” she was quoted by the newspaper. The beauty promised to tell more about the unpleasant details of her encounter with the reality of the pageant and the above-mentioned stories may be one of the details.

What do you think? She is telling the truth or just a sore loser!

To my understanding, Miss World has never had a site for online voting throughout history and it has been officially announced that the voting for the People’s Choice can only be done via the Miss World App. All of the funds of the Miss World 2013 voting will go to charities that Miss World supports. You can download the application on either iTunes (Apple products) or the Playstore (Android devices). Once you downloaded it, you get 2 free votes.

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