Amira Graham Crowned Miss Earth Northern Ireland 2013

Amira Graham was crowned Miss Earth Northern Ireland 2013 at the conclusion of the Miss Earth United Kingdom 2013 pageant held on August 25th, 2013 at the Blackpool Tower Ballroom in Lancashire, England.

Amira Graham Miss Earth Northern Ireland 2013

Amira Graham was crowned Miss Earth Northern Ireland 2013

Amira is 19 years old and stands at 5’8″ tall. She is a law student at the Trinity College Dublin and is very interested in acting which she started at the young age of 4. Amira will represent Northern Ireland in the upcoming Miss Earth 2013 pageant.

Miss Earth Northern Ireland 2013 Amira Graham. She will compete in the Miss Earth 2013 pageant

Miss Earth Northern Ireland 2013 Amira Graham. She will compete in the Miss Earth 2013 pageant

At the same event, Kiera Kingsman was crowned Miss Earth Scotland 2013 and will compete in the upcoming Miss Earth 2013 pageant.

Angharad James was crowned Miss Earth Wales 2013 and will represent Wales in the Miss Earth 2013 pageant.

Chloe Othen was crowned Miss Earth England 2013 and will represent England in the Miss Earth 2013 pageant.

Amira Graham Profile:

A huge achievement of mine has been earning a place in one of the top world recognized universities, Trinity College Dublin, to study law. I worked extremely hard to earn my place here by achieving 4 A levels with the highest grade possible. Whilst completing all of my exams I still found time to take part in something that is very important to me: charity work. I feel that is it very important to give back in life and to be grateful for all opportunities. I am the ambassador of the SOS Bus Northern Ireland which is a charity that asks volunteers to work late nights at weekends to help give soup and tea to homeless or vulnerable people on the streets of Belfast. I feel that this is a very rewarding and an achievement in itself as it is something that actually gives me the opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life. Another achievement of mine is that I raised £900 for the Haiti Earthquake victims by myself by organizing a fundraiser and trying to rally support.
I was chosen as one of four girls from five thousand applicants to represent Northern Ireland in RTE television series Mission Beach USA where we were brought to Fort Lauderdale to learn how to become lifeguards. On this amazing trip we swam with dolphins, fed sting rays and even helped raise awareness for endangered turtles. This is a huge achievement as I feel it has given me the ability to represent my country on a world level and this would help me if I should win Miss Northern Ireland Earth as I know what it takes to represent my country abroad.
During my time in school I was part of the European Youth Parliament and we made it to the finals, during my time there I learned so much about renewable energy and team work.

I am a classically trained singer and I am also trained in musical theatre. I have been acting since the young age of four and I am an extremely dedicated person. During my training in musical theatre I have performed in many productions were long hours of rehearsals were essential. I am part of many of Northern Ireland’s best musical societies which include: Ulster Operatics, New Lyric and The Company. I also try to use my acting abilities to teach young people valuable lessons by performing in issue based theatre followed by holding workshops about the issues raised in the performance. Such issues include raising awareness of the problems caused by antisocial behavior and the issues that it can lead to. This is a very prevalent issue in Northern Ireland and I feel that by using my talent in a positive way I can really make a difference.
Interests and Hobbies
As mentioned above my hobbies include charity work and volunteering, musical theatre and issue based theatre. While studying law in Trinity College Dublin, I am part of many societies which include the Law Society where we collectively join together and discuss current laws and issues, the Debating Society where we hold debates on controversial issues and the Drama Society which is lots of fun as we put on lots of plays and productions. Another hobby of mine is swimming and keeping fit. I enjoy going to the gym and keeping active. I have a strong passion for reading and travelling. I have a very active lifestyle and I also enjoy taking part in fashion shows.

As I am studying law, I hope to graduate and go on to become a top environmental lawyer and human rights activist. I would love to have the opportunity to go on to represent Northern Ireland abroad in Miss Earth. I aspire to go the full way and hopefully bring home the title for my country and to use my knowledge of law to make a real difference in the world. I also want to raise awareness to show that women can be beautiful as well as intelligent and powerful. We don’t need to be one or the other.

Environmental Message
Rubbish can be recycled, nature cannot. If we all do a little we can change a lot.
Courtesy of Miss Earth United Kingdom website.

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