Alicia Caley Crowned Miss Hippodrome 2013

Alicia Caley was crowned Miss Hippodrome 2013 at the end of the event held at the Hippodrome in Leicester Square on May 11, 2013. The beauty from London is 19 years old and stands 5’7”. With the tittle, Alicia will compete in the finals of Miss England 2013, scheduled to take place in Torquay on 16th June 2013.

The New Miss Hippodrome 2013 Alicia Caley and her two runner ups pictured at London's Hippodrome in Leicester Square during the heat for Miss Hippodrome 2013.

The New Miss Hippodrome 2013 Alicia Caley and her two runner ups pictured at London’s Hippodrome in Leicester Square during the heat for Miss Hippodrome 2013. Photo: Martin Evans.

She also won Miss Beach Body of Miss Hippodrome 2013. Alicia beat off 11 other contestants to win the title of Miss Beach body, in front of a panel of four experienced judges including Mr England, Roland Johnson and Miss England, Charlotte Holmes. Amongst her prizes was a fabulous Beach Hamper containing everything a girl needs for a day out at the beach!

Alicia Caley Bio:
One of my biggest achievements in life has been one of an academic nature. I have always been a dedicated, determined and conscientious student and this has thankfully been reflected in both my GCSE and A-level results. At GCSE level, I achieved 6A*s and 6As in such subjects as Maths, English and History. These grades were therefore recognised within the top 5% in the country! After gaining 4 A levels in English, Maths, Further Maths and Politics, I have gone on to study a degree in Global Politics and International Relations at Birkbeck College, University of London which I find so interesting, positively challenging and rewarding! Aside from academia, I recognise coming in the top 15 of Miss England 2012 as a huge achievement for me personally. I was chosen as a judges’ choice to be put through to the top 15 and this was such a humbling compliment to me and a moment that I will always remember. I also gained a top 20 place for my eco dress as well as a top 5 place for the Miss Talent heat! As singing is such a passion of mine, this was an achievement I was so proud of. I am a lover of music and always have been. I write and perform my own songs both as a solo artist at events such as weddings and parties as well as performing with my band ‘Ransom’. We performed last year at Europe’s largest unsigned acts music festival with over 20,000 people in the crowds. It was an incredible experience to perform one of my passions in front of so many 3 times over the course of the weekend, including once on the main stage!

I love singing and song writing and thankfully I have been so fortunate to be able to embrace this as part of a three-piece acoustic band. I have also been a dancer many years and been trained in a variety of dance styles but especially contemporary, lyrical and freestyle. I was a member of a dance academy called Rosie May; a charity led academy that organised workshops with West End choreographers/dancers. As part of the academy I worked hard raising money for the charity and their girls’ orphanage in Sri Lanka. I organised many dance and musical evening performances around my local area and through this, I managed to raise just under £1,000 over the course of the two years that I was a part of the academy. I believe myself to be an organised person who has good people skills and a sense of humour!

At this time in my life, a strong ambition of mine is to gain a high level degree in Global Politics and International Relations. I hope that if I do achieve this, I could go on to have a successful career in International Relations within Europe and further afield working to improve the lives of all the people I could reach. I would love to work within the European Parliament in the future and I will work my hardest to achieve this.

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