Aletha Shepherd Miss Guyana 2010

Check out the latest photos of Aletha Shepherd Miss Guyana 2010. She was selected to represent Guyana in Miss World 2010 in China on October 30th. Credit: Aletha Shepherd Facebook.

Check out the latest photos of Aletha Shepherd Miss Guyana 2010. She was selected to represent Guyana in Miss World 2010 in China on October 30th.

Aletha Shepherd Miss Guyana 2010

Aletha Shepherd Miss Guyana 2010

Aletha Shepherd Miss Guyana 2010

She was selected to represent Guyana in Miss World 2010 in China on October 30th.

She was selected to represent Guyana in Miss World 2010 in China on October 30th.

She was selected to represent Guyana in Miss World 2010 in China on October 30th.
Credit: Aletha Shepherd Facebook.

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15 Responses to Aletha Shepherd Miss Guyana 2010

  1. cybertooth says:

    How can ALETHA ROSE Shepherd represent Guyana in Miss World 2010 when she is not Guyanese!

    Her mother Rose Shepherd (who is the father) not known on the birth certificate and is not born in Guyana either.

    Does that mean if you are black you can enter Miss Africa because our distant relative might have been Kunta Kinte from “Roots”

    ALETHA Shepherd is not a good representation of the Guyanese. SHE HAS NEVER LIVED THERE. She has no qualifications and has never worked. What humanitarian projects has she done to help the poor and disadvantage. Going to parties with your friends and displaying your breasts on various website is not something to be proud of. Very similar to her mother who has lived on the UK government poor people benefits as she pretends to be disabled, until she got caught. However, in the evenings hangs balloons in halls for various Guyanese functions to avoid working full time. Thank God the new British government who will soon put an end to those types of wasters. Apparently ALETHA Shepherds step father; Raymond used a dead childs Social Security number to avoid paying his taxes, he too got caught like his lover ROSE Shepherd! Is that the type of people we want to represent our country. There are so many beautiful girls from Guyana that could have represented us. Children from Guyana – born and educated there. Rose Shepherd is quite well known for partying and sleeping with various people from the Guyana High Commission in London. She is a trophy mother that has never worked is now allowing her daughter to expose her breasts all over the website like a prostitute. Great role model. Keep up the good work. ALETHA SHPEHERD COULD NOT EVEN GET THROUGH TO THE BEST BEAUTY ROUNDS OR BEST BEACH WEAR.


    Miss World organiser should really do their homework and ensure that contestants are eligible to represent their country and not just put through by some bogus person/s

  2. T says:

    I really hope I don’t find out who wrote this, how dare you bring my dad into your petty childishness… GROW UP AND STOP HATING!!

  3. Mike Murdock says:

    A Critic..Is Someone Who Finds You More Interesting Than Themselves.

  4. Mike Murdock says:

    Just think..! you are the most exciting thing…happening in the life of your critics.

  5. G. Smith says:

    Go Guyana!!!!!

    So Awesome…What a beauty!!
    I had the pleasure of meeting her after the show.

    Such a lovely person inside and out, truly. xxx

  6. Gtboy says:

    as far as i’m concerned Aletha Shepherd is the best representative Guyana has had in years! She looked fantastic on saturday night on the show final. She did us guyanese very proud. Who are you to hate on a young girl who is trying to do her best for her country.

  7. TDB says:

    Well done to Miss Shepherd….She has done her country proud carrying herself with grace, pride and integity. It takes courage to do what she has done.
    So to all the haters out there go get a life and stop spreading such mean nasty and petty rumors. It’s a mean, bitter and very twisted person who would do such a thing.

    In todays society our young women need encouragement not people like those who a taking precious time to be nasty to them.
    What does it matter to us if her father is on her birth certificate or not as she is not the first and sure wont be the last.
    And come to think of it how come you know so much? Get a life mate/girl. You are making yourself look mean and low and stupid.

  8. princess says:

    Aletha you have done Guyana proud!

    I have had the pleasure of meeting this beautiful and very intelligent young lady and therefore feel the need to respond to the 1st comment.

    Why would anyone want to belittle someone they obviously dont know? Jealously is a green eye monster and that is clearly you…..

    I found Aletha to be charming, determined and very ambitious woman. She will succeed in life because she has a pure and clean heart and is hard working.

    Aletha disregard the negative comments and keep pressing on towards your goals as in life you will come across all sorts and it is people like them that will help you reach your dreams. Not everyone in this life will like you or your family (they lost)!

    You looked stunning in all your pics and we Guyanese know that you would of done your best for our country.

    Once again well done Aletha.

  9. Ray says:

    To whoever that wrote this but did not have the guts to identify themselves, why dont you meet me sometime to discuss you claims it can be a place and time of your choice i dont mind. so type a reply and lets meet if your man enough, that is if you are a man ?

  10. Gt girl says:

    u ARE A SOUR & BITTER PERSON BY ATTACK ROSE RAY AND ALETHA OVER THE INTERNET I AGREE WIV RAY U SHOULD MEET UP WIV HIM IF UR MAN ENOUGH UR JUST A BULLY A MEAN SALLOW PERSON god bless u (Sarcastically) may god deal wiv u if u carry on like dis when u die u will get sent 2 de pit off hell!

  11. Gt girl R says:

    exactly…… who eva rite dat bout aletha.. u dnt kno wat ur talkin bout u r jut a sad person .. wanting a life like alethas and rose . ther lives r gr8 nd dnt talk bout rose lyk that cuz u just hatting cuz u kno she is gdgd at decorating and she is a kind person. u r just sooooo sad . i feel sorry 4 u bitter woman. is that alll u do is hate well hate on someone who needs hatin on cuz trust me it aint this family .. and we all stick 2gether . u ain tgo tnothin else 2 do . ,y family stick up for each other wen u say something bout one of us u say it 2 the whole family. so cum on deen just come out nd say wat u want .but listen we dnt care cuz unlike u we will always ave family and friends and 1 person i kno tht will always b ther is god but u . ur just 2 bitter 2 b waistin my tym……. hatterzzz got something 2 say . wel we dnt care so her is a message 2 who ever rote tht bout aletha . hatterzz go hate but nt dis fam,ily especialy rose who is the kindest woman everrrr. unlike u.. nd by knowe we have all clocked who u r …. peace out hattteerr. got more 2 say meet ray.. if u got all dat mouthhhhh… x

  12. ash says:

    the girl is so not Guyanese. Get her out of this country

  13. ash says:

    to be honest i took a really long time to watch how very silly we can be when selecting girls to represent our country. WHY WHY WHY OH God damm!!! when would a good Guyanese chick going to rescue us from this freaking curse we’re in. Sending the wrong chicks to represent our country. I didnt want to say this but if we say Aletha is pretty and got some brains ….. SHE WOULD HAVE MADE IT PAST THE SWIMSUIT ROUNDS. Not saying she is ugly…i think she is gud looking….for a fitness pageant..she got the body for that. not a professional pageant.

  14. ash says:

    she is cute and should stick to being a business manager but not pageantry. I have seen some real fine guyanese women that i think could really cut it in pageantry but the reason they dont take part its because the freaking gay people in the modelling bizz in this country…like derrick moore got cataracks in his eyes. i cant blame Aletha if moore felt felt she is a queen . They should remove that gay guy and put Mr.Benschop and Freddy kissoon to judge women. Yea u crazy people they know more about women more than any gay person out there. OH i think miss shepard looks gay also. pease out to all the stupid lesbian and gay people F ing up our country. MERRY XMAS SUCKERS 🙂

  15. tranloi says:

    Thank you for your comment. However, I do think that she meets the requirement to be the Contestant in the Pageant.

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